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Petite Silk Scarf - Pink Orchard

  • 100% silk charmeuse
  • 55.0 x 55.0 cm
  • Design printed on one side
  • Soft, transparent finish underneath

  • Some things never go out of style, like the timeless beauty of a camellia. They are dainty and elegant, yet boldly beautiful - just like you.

    We handpicked the perfect pink camellia blossom to inspire this piece, then 3D scanned it onto our luxurious silk threads woven with the utmost care and precision. There's a piece of our heart that goes into every handmade design. When you fall for this silk scarf, you know that you aren't just picking a tired design that everyone owns. You're choosing a scarf that's made just for you - an exquisite one-of-a-kind design that can never be replicated. 

    Accessorise it to match your impeccable style. Drape it around your neck, flaunt it as a hair-tie or let it sway free as it accentuates that darling neckline. Even though every scarf comes with a story of its own, you're the star worth a million stares when it's on you. Keep them wondering, how do you get it so perfect without even trying?