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Petite Pink Silk Scarf


Blossom into Spring with a Bright Pink Scarf

Start fresh this Spring by treating yourself to an original fashion piece from New Botanic Designs. Our luxury collection of one of a kind designs will add glamour to any look, giving you a smile as sweet as the blossoms themselves. Our iconic pink silk scarves are each created from hand-picked, 3D-scanned camellia flowers, so your design will be just as unique as you. Every piece is a distinctive blend of abstract pink petals with an occasional sprinkle playful pollen, making a gorgeous spring fashion piece or silk hair scarf for you to enjoy.

Detailed features

  • 55.0 x 55.0 cm
  • 100% silk charmeuse
  • Pink, dark pink and yellow print
  • Design printed on one side only
  • Soft, transparent finish on underside
  • Seamed edges
  • Care instructions included

    How it works

    As each scarf is made to order with a unique design, there is an approximate two-week wait on each order. While you're waiting, we will select a beautiful flower just for you, capture its colours in a 3D scan, create the perfect design, delicately print it on our finest silk material, and wrap it in our beautiful sustainable packaging. As soon as it's ready, we will contact you with a tracking number and it will be on its way.

    Please note that because each scarf is crafted from a unique camellia blossom, there will be variations in colour and design of each item.